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A collection of what I’m working on, thinking about and doing.

PLAYLIST: Washington, D.C.

This is a collection of songs for my first time visiting Washington D.C. It contains some new songs, some old; some to push me to the next adventure, some to remind me to enjoy the moment. This is what I’m listening to:

  1. Notion by Tash Sultana

  2. The Tourist by Radiohead

  3. Go Away Closer by This Will Destroy You

  4. Fool’s Gold by S. Carey

  5. Chapter One: When Hearts Are Large by Levi the Poet

  6. Fast Car (Cover) by Passenger

  7. Birthplace by Novo Amor

  8. The Tourist by Message To Bears

  9. Gone for a While by Beta Radio

  10. Push You by All Is Well