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LIFE: Three Months in Atlanta


Today marks three months in Atlanta. I spent the morning covering a black Georgia lawmaker claiming she was verbally attacked by a white man while trying to check out at Publix. This story has been picked up by most major news outlets across the U.S.

This job was a step in the right direction for both professional and personal reasons - not that the last job was a step in the wrong direction. Atlanta is closer to family, this is a bigger news market with more room for growth and there’s a lot of pressure in taking it. It was frightening.


We’ve made it three months though. I’m getting settled into a routine. I’m starting to figure out my favorite places around town. For coffee there’s Octane Bar in West Midtown, Brewhouse Cafe in Little Five Points for beers at noon and Lenox Park in Brookhaven when I want to get outside for a bit.

And it’s fun rediscovering having weekends to myself. I had worked weekends through various jobs since the beginning of 2015, so I’ve had to make up for lost time. I’ve visited grandparents, caught up with old friends and hiked a bit.

Sawnee Mt Preserve.jpg

Life is still really the same though. I’m still working hard and playing hard. I’m still trying to be content with where I am and enjoy this journey called life.